Company Profile

Resonac Specialty Gas Taiwan is a subsidiary of Resonac Corporation in Taiwan. It is a professional supplier and manufacturer of raw materials and equipment,focusing on the sale and manufacture of special gases, and expanding into general and specialty chemicals, electronic materials, and Scrubber equipment.
Company Profile
Oct. 1996
Showa Specialty Gas (Taiwan) was founded by Showa Denko, Young Sun Chemtrade and Toyota Tsusho.
Apr. 2001
Completed Tainan FAB1 (Warehouse)
Mar. 2002
Established resin transfilling plant for IC and TFT-LCD industries in Tainan FAB1.
Aug. 2004
Established specialty gas SF6 transfilling plant in Tainan FAB1
Oct. 2005
Completed Tainan FAB2 (NH3 Plant, a plant of Taiwan Showa Chemicals Manufacture Co., Ltd. )
May. 2009
The first capacity expansion of NH3 plant
Jul. 2011
The second capacity expansion of NH3 plant
Dec. 2012
The third capacity expansion of NH3 plant
Mar. 2014
Completed Tainan FAB3 (Warehouse)
Aug. 2018
Completed CL2 Plant in Kaoshiung. (A plant of Taiwan Showa Chemicals Manufacture Co., Ltd. )
Dec. 2019
Established specialty gas C4F8 transfilling plant in Tainan FAB2. (A plant of Taiwan Showa Chemicals Manufacture Co., Ltd. )
Apr. 2023
Company name changed from "Showa Specialty Gas (Taiwan) Co., Ltd." to "Resonac Specialty Gas Taiwan Co., Ltd."
And affiliates Taiwan Showa Chemicals Manufacture Co., Ltd. changed it's name to Resonac Chemiclas Manufacturing Taiwan Co., Ltd.

Corporate philosophy

Passionate & Results-Driven

By taking pride and passion to our work,By focusing our strengths and performance,We will become a globally recognized top player.

Open Minds & Open Connections

By showing mutual trust and respect,By collaborating openly beyond boundaries,We will co-create new value with all stakeholders.

Agile & Flexible

By learning through trial-and-error,By thinking flexibly and acting swiftly,We will transform into a dynamic organization.

Solid Vision & Solid Integrity

We truly recognize the power and potential of chemistry,We prioritize sustainability for future generations,We commit to upholding our values of integrity to all stakeholders and ethics in developing chemical technologies.

Our Code of Conduct

For the Resonac Group to fulfill its corporate social responsibility and contribute widely to society, it is necessary for the Group to have a clear vision based on which individual employees can take actions with ownership. To this end, the Group established the corporate code of conduct in 1998 and subsequently revised it in 2012 as “Our Code of Conduct,” asking all directors and employees to abide by it. Since then the Group has been demonstrating its corporate approach through the code of conduct to all stakeholders, including shareholders, customers, employees, local communities and suppliers.
The environment surrounding our business has recently been changing day by day, and a range of changes have also occurred in relation to international initiatives related to corporate social responsibility, such as the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Amid this situation, the Resonac Group is expanding its overseas business, which makes corporate governance even more important for the Group.
In order for all directors and employees of the Group to recognize these changes in society and take actions with ownership toward the shared goal, we revised Our Code of Conduct in November 2022.
Our Code of Conduct
(Our Code of Conduct is applicable to each Group company in the world.)